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 2087 meaning future is a design team, we own our felt bag factory of about 120 workers,Deri Felt Industrial Ltd. So we control product quality by our own.We keep a keen eye on all latest trends, and we update our design every week, we strives to have our new designs capture the latest trends and styles of the world, Clean and Simple designs with recyclable materials.


 2087 meaning future is a design team, whose soul is original design. We absorbed a great deal of fashion factors from all over the world, such as Paris¨ romantic, London¨s retro characteristic, Barcelona¨s daring, and New York¨s splendor. We take them into our design to keep our product on top.
 2087 is a lively brand with multiplicity designs. Each product of 2087 is artistic expression of designers¨ wisdom. We diligently explore recyclable material!^FELT ̄ to lead the fashion life, with a hope to build a health environment and luxuriant life. In addition to taking taste, fashion and vogue into account.
 2087 is an international brand. We follow up the international fashion trend, giving consumers freshnessand environmental experience.
 The Felt Material of 2087 is derived from one kind of European fabric, with several nice functions, such as Water-tolerant, Dirt-resistant, Shock-proof and Eco-friendly. So many functions make it become cherished material in competitive market.
  We have long-term cooperation with clients from all over the world, e.g. Carpisa from Italy, Gran from Denmark, Clair de lune from Canada, Macy¨s in USA and an agent in UK etc.
 We do believe you will find it enjoyable to improve your life, just join 2087!


2087 products are all made by our designer team. All the products are original. Designers are focus on the international fashion trend and absorb in the newest factors into their work.
  We update our designs each month. There will be 12 new styles from our design team per month.




     2087 product displayed in brand store is mainly fashionable bags:


     2087 sample room, simple but stylish

2087 product is attracted by many people from different areas
       Canton Fair    
       Hong Kong Exhibition    
          Las Vega(America) Fashion Show    
2087 EU(European Union) Trademark
Patent Certificate
 A good brand must have its own soul that different with others. Every item of 2087 is original designed by our own designer after deep consideration. We have gotten the patent certificates of main 2087 product so that we can protect our intellectual property right. Patents we obtained include felt bags¨ surface looking, felt bags¨ pattern, felt clock function, felt wall screen etc. These patents not only protect our product intellectual property right, but also make 2087 product competitive on world market.    
E.g. Bag Patent    

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2087 Felt Material Is Up To Reach Requirement

2087 Felt Bag ! Nice Fashion Bag in 57th Mosshoes in Russia